About us


Elevating lives through offering outstanding value, the Ranco group was established with a vision to cater to the essential needs of mankind at various touch points. Today, this still holds true. Established in 1994, in the business of construction, the Ranco Group has steadily grown to encompass over 8 companies across a wide gamut of industries that include real-estate, construction, insurance, education, engineering, tourism and cinemas. With its head-quarters in Ajman, Ranco Group is spread across the UAE and has extended its presence and services to India as well. What sets Ranco apart is its client-first attitude with a duty to security and effectiveness. Its quality-focused, customer- centric businesses ensure that in all that we do, our people come first. At Ranco, we strongly believe in developing society, after all our people are the core to all that we do. We achieve this by attracting and retaining talent, protecting our people, our property and thereby our reputation.