Vaishaka Cynyma



Vaishaka Cynyma is the creator of a number of beloved motion pictures, as well as a major producer and distributor of filmed entertainment in the India’s highly competitive Southern Film Industry arena. Founded in 2003 by Mr. Rajan, the organisation has a strong presence in Mollywood and has captured the hearts of many cinema lovers through its

Situated in the heart of God’s own country, Kerala, Vaishaka has some expertise in worldwide co-creation of appealing yet economically practical movies for wider audiences. Our focus is singular: to tell incredible stories that resound with audiences across the globe, through quality production and savvy distribution. As one of India’s oldest running production houses, we have a rich legacy of bringing box-office blockbusters and timeless classics to the big screen – from family dramas to heart wrenching romances, many of which have also won critical acclaim as well as commercial success.

Today, our picture showreel has 56 films to its credit, many of which are blockbusters, including our debut undertaking, ‘Swapnakoodu’.